BREAKING NEWS: Anthos Therapeutics’ Novel Dual-Acting Factor XI/XIa Inhibitor, Abelacimab, Demonstrated a 67% Greater Reduction in the Primary Endpoint of Major or Clinically Relevant Non-Major Bleeding 
Compared to Rivaroxaban in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation


Anthos Therapeutics’ mission is to develop innovative therapies to advance care for people living with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases combining the agility of a biotech with the rigor of a large pharmaceutical company.

Our most advanced program is centered on abelacimab, an investigational monoclonal antibody that achieves profound suppression of the novel antithrombotic target Factor XI through dual activity against both Factor XI itself and its activated form, Factor XIa. Abelacimab represents a promising next-generation anticoagulant with the potential to provide ‘hemostasis-sparing anticoagulation’: vital protection from arterial and venous thromboembolic events with a reduced risk of clinically significant bleeding. Thromboembolic events account for 1 in 4 deaths globally and remain the leading cause of mortality worldwide.1

Abelacimab fits perfectly into Anthos Therapeutics’ mission to develop innovative medicines for high-risk cardiovascular and metabolic conditions with the potential to deliver a meaningful reduction in their human and socioeconomic impact.

1. Wendelboe AM, Raskob GE. Circ Res 2016; 118, 1340–1347

OUR Story

Anthos Therapeutics was established and is led by a world-class executive team highly experienced in the successful development and commercialization of therapies for CVM diseases.

Anthos Therapeutics was launched by Blackstone Life Sciences (NYSE: BX) in 2019 after it obtained the global rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize abelacimab (MAA868) under a license agreement with Novartis AG (NYSE: NVS).

Anthos Therapeutics is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts

What’s the meaning of our name?

Anthos, or “ἄνθος”, is an ancient Greek word meaning “flower” or “blossom”. We wanted a name that speaks to our mission – to seek and develop innovative therapies that can enable people to improve their quality of life and flourish. To us it signifies hope and the potential for the positive change we can bring to people’s lives.

OUR model

Our company model is designed for optimization, combining the agility of a small biotech with the power of a large pharma company. As a “hybrid externalized model” Anthos Therapeutics blends senior leadership to oversee quality in drug development, manufacturing, regulatory expertise and commercialization alongside the development and manufacturing itself, which is implemented through external partners.

An example of this operational model was pioneered by Anthos Therapeutics in its partnership with manufacturing giant Lonza to link products, cash flow, and value generation, aligning the needs of Anthos Therapeutics, our partners and our investors.


Anthos Therapeutics is committed to scientific innovation and collaboration with industry and societal partners to create life-changing therapies for people around the world.

As members of BIO, we are equally committed to working collaboratively in the interests of health, sustainability and justice. Together we aim to be a voice of science, and for science, advancing our biotech innovations and our industry ecosystems to improve lives, remove barriers to innovation and champion broad access to healthcare.

Through our work with Life Science Cares, Anthos Therapeutics is helping to leverage the power of the life science industry to solve one of our most intractable social issues – poverty – addressing socio-economic imbalances in Boston.